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March 2017 Board Members

Ashleen O'Gaea, Patrick Campion & Carol Garr

Carol Garr

Co-Founder, Board President, AZ Dept. Of Correction's Religious Advisory Committee, Senior Visiting Priestess (Tucson units).

Eclectic 3rd degree Wiccan. Initiated 1993. Ordained.

Religious: Arizona Dept. of Corrections Religious Advisory Committee since 1998. Chair of that Committee 2017-2019 & 2012-2015, and was Secretary for several years before that. Visiting priestess in the AZ prison system since 1998. Mother Earth Ministries was born from the latter activity. Volunteer of the Year at Tucson Complex 2008. Religious volunteer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons since 2009, presenter at their Life Enhancement Program and subject matter presenter on Wicca for the Professional Chaplaincy Training course. Co-author with Ashleen O'Gaea of Enchantment Encumbered: The Study and Practice of Wicca in Restricted Environments. Formerly High Priestess of Silver Midnight Coven (2000-2010), Co-priestess of Rainbow Circle (1992-1995), 7 years past coordinator of Tucson Area Wiccan/Pagan Network (TAWN).

Mundane: B.A. from U of Arizona, in social psychology. Owner/broker of Garden Realty. I live in the Tucson AZ desert with my husband, his sister, and 3 cats.

Ashleen O'Gaea

Co-Founder, Board Secretary, Senior Writing Priestess Emerita

Adventure Wicca, 3rd degree, Ordained.

Religious: Lady O'Gaea is a co-founder of the Tucson Area Wiccan-Pagan Network (TAWN), in which she was active for 25 years. With her husband/High Priest Canyondancer, she a co-founder of Adventure Wicca, and was High Priestess of its first coven, Campsight, which dissolved amicably after 13 years. She is available to present workshops on various aspects of Wicca at Pagan gatherings and secular conferences. She was a pioneer in the inclusion of children in Wiccan practice, and is the author of Family Wicca, Raising Witches, In the Service of Life, and two volumes of Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara and Beltane to Mabon.

Mundane: With her husband, represents her Scottish clan at Arizona Highland Games and Celtic Festivals. She has written several novels, many with Wiccan characters. She pronounces her name oh-jee-uh, and lives in Tucson with her Canyondancer and two West Highland White Terriers (the iconic Caesar dog food breed).

Patrick Campion

Board Treasurer

Eclectic Wicca 3rd degree. Ordained.

Religious: Patrick has been Wiccan for over a quarter century. He has been a member of two local covens in Tucson, before helping to form the one he is in now. He serves as the High Priest there. Before retiring, he served many times as an officer of the Pagan group TAWN and as the local representative for Pagan Pride Day. He is active in interfaith activities and participates in local interfaith services. His biggest hot buttons are religious tolerance and recycling.

Mundane: Patrick is a retired accountant. A strong believer in education, he now drives a school bus. He and his wife Deborah live in a 1927 house that they have equipped with solar water heating and solar electric power generation. He and Deborah have adopted and are now raising their granddaughter.